Coached Mediation Practice Session.

Who is this for?

This might be for you if:

  • you who want to practice your skills after a period away from doing dispute resolution work
  • you want to practice with a specific scenario (provided by you)
  • you want to do practice role-plays as the mediator for professional development rather than as a role player. It is free to participate in role plays as a role player or to attend webinars if you are a member.
  • you want to practice your skills before sitting for re-accreditation assessments. When you have not met your mandatory practice hours requirements you will be required to have your skills re-assessed. A coached role play before your assessment may be a good idea.

Course Description

A Coached Meditation Practice Session is an opportunity to refresh your skills in mediation (any type of scenario) coached by one of the Suluhu Mediation training team.

The session is held by Video Mediation and provides the opportunity to practice your skills, get two hours of professional development and build your confidence in Online/Video Mediation.

What is included?

A two-hour video mediation role play with you as the mediator.

Live feedback from a qualified coach as per MAC standards.

We generally provide role players but you can bring your own role players if you would prefer.

Is this a MAC Assessment?

No this is a practice session. If you would like to be assessed for MAC Accreditation or re-accreditation you must meet the requirements established by the MAC Committee.

This is for anyone who wants to practice as a mediator.

A discount applies for current students (if the practice is in excess of what is provided for in your course) or current members

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