Mediation refresher course

Mediator Refresher Course

Introduction brief:

SMC’s Mediation Skills Refresher Program is a 25 hours advanced mediation training program designed to refresh, recharge, and prepare mediators to effectively facilitate the mediation process.

This program focuses on best practices for mediators, including how a mediator serves as a negotiation consultant, dealing with challenging behaviors, overcoming barriers to agreement, challenges to neutrality, and dealing with power differentials. This program is currently being offered online via Zoom.

The aim of this course is to give you a refresher of your training and to send you away feeling confident and ready to take on your next cases.

At the conclusion of the training, you should be able to:

  • Re-visit the staged model for interpersonal mediation: remembering the structure and function of each stage
  • Feel confident in your use of key mediation skills
  • Have some additional insights into cases you and others are working on
  • Have a renewed awareness of some aspects of best practice and how to deal with mediation dilemmas
  • Be able to set up and run an online mediation case

To refresh your memory on the mediation process, and the essential communication skills used by the mediator to facilitate dialogue between the parties throughout the process.

Preparation for mediation is an important part of the process. Understand essential steps that assist preparation for the parties and the mediator, and the value this brings to the mediation.

The SMC RMAB MAC Mediator Gap Training and Assessment Course is for:

  • MAC Accredited mediators who have not completed the required 25 hours of mediation or conciliation facilitation and have also not participated in at least 25 hours of Mediation CPD in the past two years
  • People who have completed MAC recognized training but have not become MAC Accredited due to failing the final assessment or not sitting their final assessment or in need of mentorship
  • People who qualify for experience qualified and would like to have a practice role play before sitting for an assessment role play
  • If none of these describe your situation please get in touch before purchasing this product.

SMC Refresher Course includes a minimum of 25 hours of eLearning, coached practice role-play and assessment against the MAC Standards.

Delivered either online or in-person at your location, all of our courses are live, interactive events, run by a practising mediator who is an expert in the field.

The Mediation Refresher includes a combination of:

  • Custom-made video clips
  • Lecture and live input by the trainer and discussion among delegates
  • Group exercises
  • Small-group activities
  • Practice sessions with simulated case material
  • Real-life case studies

Our trainers have a wealth of practical experience in mediation, and are able to adapt the course content to the make-up of the particular learning group.

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