Professional Mediation Training

Suluhu Mediation Center provides training to those desirous of becoming mediators especially those interested to practice mediation in family, commercial or community disputes or those who are studying human resource management or counseling psychology and likely to deal with Employee/family related disputes and may end up sitting in employee disciplinary committees during their practice with required competence to be able to determine matters that qualify to be resolved through Mediation and to mediate in the same. Access to Justice is one of the fundamental pillars of the current Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and the same has been entrenched through Article 48 of our constitution. Article 159(2) provides that among the principles that shall guide the Courts and Tribunals in exercise of judicial authority are:

  • Justice shall be done to all, irrespective of status.
  • Justice shall not be delayed
  • Alternative forms of dispute resolution including reconciliation MEDIATION, arbitration and traditional
    dispute resolution mechanisms shall be promoted, subject to Clause (3) and the purpose and
    principles of this Constitution shall be protected and promoted.

Mediation has become a popular means for resolving Disputes /conflicts for many reasons.

A primary reason is because mediation works, and, more often than not, produces a settlement or begins a dialogue that results in a settlement. Increasingly, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, have been relied upon to resolve conflicts outside the traditional adversarial system.

In fact, these types of dispute resolution techniques are no longer “alternative”, and have been incorporated into mainstream conflict resolution, including litigation.

The training is intended among others, equip the participants with the following: –

  • To equip participants with the required competence to be determine matters that qualify to be resolved through Mediation.
  • To help participants learn the practical skills, strategies and techniques necessary in ADR and more specifically for competent professional mediation practice.
  • To help participants to understand the necessary theoretical foundations of Different types of ADR.
  • To help participants to appreciate the ethical issues and policy considerations of professional mediation practice in the public and private sector.
  • To help participants to review and/or learn communications theory and skills, conflict management theory and skills, and negotiation theory and skills.
  • To help participants to review and/or learn the legal information, business and financial considerations relevant to professional mediation practice.
  • To help participants to review the substantive information and issues relevant to the particular conflict contexts.
  • To help participants to consider the concept of justice and place of ADR and mediation in the legal system.
  • To equip participants with the required competence to be effective leaders in public and private sectors of the economy.
  • Eligibility for accreditation for enrolment on the panel of mediators of the Kenyan judiciary and participation in court annexed mediation and earn 20k per file handled.
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