Court Annexed Mediation

02 Mar 2023

Adoption Of Mediation in ADR in Kenya’s Court Annexed Mediation

Court Annexed Mediation is operational in 94 court stations that saw the referral of 2,245
cases to mediation and the resolution of 1,918 of the referred cases.

This is in reference to the State of the Judiciary & the Administration of Justice Report 2021/22

Mediators are paid Kshs. 20,000/- per case they handle by the government through Judiciary

You can also practice private mediation and charge fairly according to the case at hand.

Before you start practising as a court annexed mediator, you will need to apply to the Mediation Accreditation Committee (MAC) for listing on their panel of mediators.

The role of Suluhu Mediation Centre is to prepare you for the accreditation process and equip you with the skills necessary for you as a professional mediator even beyond MAC’s interview.

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